Marzo’s shows are hilarious, enriching, and unforgettable live entertainment spectacles that take place anywhere, from a theater to your own backyard, from your living room to the local library. It’s a modern take on a classic format, starring professional acts in an immersive experience the whole family will love.

Marzo’s enthralls children (and parents and guardians) with talented, high-quality performers, as well as audience participation in the form of:

·      Interactive Performance
·      Contests
·      Games
·      Prizes

Who Is Marzo?

Jeremy Engel, creator and producer of Marzo’s, hosts the show and keeps things moving as his alter-ego, Marzo.

Jeremy earned a B.A. in English and Creative Writing from UCLA, as well as an M.F.A. in Screenwriting from the American Film Institute. He spent a decade as a nationally performing standup comedian in major clubs and top alternative rooms, including the Improv, Laugh Factory, The Comedy Store, Largo, and the Boston Comedy Club.

He has written and directed comedy web shorts, TV sketches, and animated films. For more than three years, Jeremy worked as a private tutor for elementary and middle school students in West Los Angeles and Santa Monica, and while employed at a bookstore during college and for a period thereafter, he read to children every week for “Sunday Morning Storytime.” At the bookstore, Jeremy entertained customers by dressing up as a dinosaur and an aardvark. Sometimes he breakdanced through Brentwood in costume. Jeremy is also an avid doodler. He lives with Mrs. Marzo and their son, Marzo Junior.

Contact Jeremy, aka Marzo, at (323) 600-3105 or jeremy@marzos.com.